I'm Tomu

A family of devices which fit inside your USB port!

Qomu, I’m

I’m Qomu, an Arm MCU + eFPGA SoC in your USB port! I have an Arm Cortex M4F MCU with 512 kilobytes of RAM, and ~1K LUT4 FPGA logic cells for a soft USB core, offloading CPU-intensive functions from the Arm core, and even a couple of small RISC-V cores. I have four contact pads that can easily be used to make two buttons. And just like my siblings, I have an RGB LED, because everyone loves blinking an LED any color of the rainbow!

I’m going to be available shortly for order now on Crowd Supply.




In June of 2020, QuickLogic joined the FOSS movement by announcing QuickLogic Open Reconfigurable Computing (QORC). We are actively contributing the necessary architectural information on our FPGAs and eFPGA cores so that Open Source FPGA Tooling can enable all the features and capabilities of our devices for the Community. See QORC


Qomu DVT

Qomu Production (DVT) Board

Name Qomu (?)
Manufacturer QuickLogic
Status Development


Architecture ARM
Manufacturer QuickLogic
Part EOS S3
Class ARM Cortex-M4F
Frequency 80 MHz (Max)
Benchmarks 3 CoreMark/MHz, 1 DMips/MHz


Memory 512 kilobytes
Flash 16384 kilobytes

Toolchain Support

Bare Metal C Yes (GCC: ?, LLVM: ?)
Embedded Rust ?

Software Support


Emulation Support


Security Key Support

U2F ?
FIDO2 Not Yet
Secure Key Storage ?


Crypto Acceleration User
Hardware Random Number Generator No


Schematics https://github.com/QuickLogic-Corp/qomu-dev-board/blob/master/qomu-board.pdf
Bootloader Code ?
Quick Start Code https://github.com/QuickLogic-Corp/Getting_started